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The sign up fee as of August 1, 2016 is $3,000.00.

Forms available at the office 701-242-7432 or 800-400-8888 or here in PDF format.

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This study will end soon so if you want to be considered in this expansion, you need to get your form and fee in soon!

We currently have approximately 570 new users signed up for the expansion.  This is a huge number and about twice as much as what we had hoped for!  What a great compliment to a lot of people who are realizing just how important rural water is to the rural area and the great opportunity to receive water under a grant program!  Modeling an expansion of this size takes a lot of time and teamwork.  Our G.M., Steve Hansen is working diligently with our engineering firm of AE2S to get things in order.   Driving of the planned route has been done.  The next step will be making some decisions on how things will be handled with Pasture Tap hookups that a number of people would like.  We will notify you of  decisions just as soon as they are made.   Letters will be coming out to people soon, as final plans are nearing the end.  Membership forms and contracts will also be sent to those of you who will be receiving rural water next year and the year or years ahead on this project.  At that time, we will ask for the balance due for your hook up to your shut off valve near your home (approx. 75').   Also, beginning soon, there will be reps from Southeast Water Users District, starting to ask for easements.  These are necessary for installation of the water line and we need everyone's help in obtaining these.  This process will begin shortly and continue into the fall and winter.  We will not be installing any water this year, however there might be time to be able to bid out a Booster Station or Reservoir that may be needed.  There may also be some bidding done on the construction part of the pipeline, with installation to begin in the spring of 2017.  Again with an expansion this large, it will take a couple of years to complete, and quite possibly 3, depending on weather each year.

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SE H2o - East

The main office in Mantador is hopping!  Besides the normal day-to-day operations, the System-Wide Expansion is keeping everyone on their toes!  The field operators, Chad and Brandon are busy keeping up with mowing reservoirs and trying to hook up a number of new members.  And, as always, they are kept busy with locates, especially with fiber optic installations.

Service calls are always #1 on our list!  If you are having any problems, please don't hesitate to give us a call so we can rectify the situation if it is something to do with our meter packages or water quality.  Remember that the "meter package" is from shut-off valve to shut-off valve, inclusive.  Anything before or after is up to the homeowner.  Again, please call if you are having problems.  We cannot fix anything if we don't know about it!

SE H2o - Central

Paul, the field operator here, is keeping things running pretty smoothly.  He works hard at keeping the water flowing, along with doing customer service repairs and maintaining our Reservoir and office building on the east side of Lisbon.  Paul is also busy with a few new consumer hook ups and working with the engineers on the new expansion.


SE H2o - West

Troy, field operator for SE H2o-West is busy doing new hookups to consumers and installation of quite a few Pasture Taps this summer.  There has also been some line breaks and he is diligently working to keep water flowing.  Here, too, Troy is kept very busy with locates.

As in every district, please keep in mind that we strive to keep our consumers happy, so if you have a problem, please feel free to call the office so we can try to fix the problem!

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