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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a rural water member?

Call our office at 242-7432 or 1-800-400-8888 and a representative will be glad to assist you. The membership fee is $700.00. This is a one-time fee only, and stays with the location. If this site is sold, the membership transfers at no cost to either the seller or the new owner as long as all previous bills have been paid and the membership is kept current. Please contact the office to make sure there is no amount due against the membership before buying.

What are the monthly minimum charges?

Monthly minimum charge or service fee will be $55.00/month beginning Jan. 1, 2021
The normal monthly minimum charge is $26.00. The New Expansion Project monthly minimum charge is $55.00. The City of Havana has different rates - need to contact office. The rate schedule for water used is the first 8,000 gallons $4.50 per 1,000 gallons. The next 7,000 gallons $3.50 per 1,000 gallons. Over 15,000 gallons $3.00 per 1,000 gallons.

Monthly minimum charge or service fee will be $55.00/month beginning Jan. 1, 2021
The monthly minimum charge per month is $45.00. The rate is $5.75 per one thousand gallons.

Monthly minimum charge or service fee will be $55.00/month beginning Jan. 1, 2021
The monthly minimum charge per month is $45.00. The rate is $3.50 per one thousand gallons.

While we try to keep prices current, please call to verify all pricing is accurate and up to date.

Do You Accept Automatic Payments?

We now accept credit & debit cards, however this service via the phone, has a 2.25 percent of the payment, phone convenience fee added on to the total. One form of automatic pay is ACH which is an auto pay taken directly from your bank acct. ea. month as per your request by our Auto-Pay-By-Bank form available either on our web-site or from the office. You will still receive your bill each month, and you are still responsible for submitting your reading either by our site, e-mail, or phone. There is no charge for this service. We also have added a new portal called PSN that can be used for any type of payment you choose. This service does come with different fees. Please visit the site PSN.com for information.

If I do not use any water, do I still have to pay my bill?

Yes, you are billed each and every month the minimum water charge whether you use the water or not. This is due to the debt retirement on loans that were taken to build the completed system, and is mandated by the federal government. If the minimums are not met each month, the charges are assessed to the equity of your membership.

When is the cut-off date for late fees?

The last date to have payment POSTMARKED is the 10th of the month. We do go by the postmark on the envelope! If the 10th falls on a Sunday or a holiday, we do give you an extra day. We do not allow excuses on late payments. Unfortunately, we do have to have a deadline, and in order to be fair to everyone involved, we need to stick to it.

What are the penalties at SEWUD?

1.) One is the late payment fee posted to all accounts that have not been paid or postmarked by the 10th of the month. That penalty will be 10% of your total late bill.
2.) The other penalty is a $5.00 charge for not sending in, calling, or electronically submitting a reading each and every month.

Why is my previous reading recorded on the billing card an estimate?

If we do not receive a reading from you during the time between the billing dates, the computer automatically assesses you a $5.00 penalty and estimates your reading for you. The computer estimate is done by taking an average yearly usage and dividing that by 12 months to figure your meter reading. This can cause your billing to be higher than normal, but it is important for us to enter in meter readings for you each month so we can keep your billing up to date and correct.

How do I read my meter?

This is a two-part question. Some of our meters are equipped to be hooked up to a remote meter. This is a small meter located somewhere where it is more convenient for you to read your meter, or for the elderly who may not feel safe going up and down stairs. This small remote meter reads in "hundreds of gallons". This meter is not as accurate as the main meter that is placed in your basement. They tend not to work for long periods of time, and your main meter is the meter of record should any discrepancies arise. We do not install many of these any more, unless we see that there is a direct hindrance in the consumer reading and the main meter.

Your main meter reads in tens of gallons. You have 7 digits on your main meter reading from left to right and including the permanent zero. Your remote meter has 7 digits also reading from left to right but includes 2 permanent zeros or the newer remotes only have 1 zero. You need to record all 7 digits of your meter reading when you first start recording your reading. After establishing your first few month’s readings, you may ignore the first zeros, but do still include the permanent zero or zeros at the end of your reading.

We also now have solar powered meters issued to the new expansion consumers. These will need to have a strong flashlight aimed at the solar strip for approx. 15-20 secs. The number that pops up starting with the letters RD will be the reading. There will be 7 digits, then a decimal point. We do not need anything after the decimal, as that would be tenths and hundredths of gals. of water and we only bill in full gals. The first reading we will need all 7 digits from left to right.

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